The sales department is one of the most important functions in nearly every company. Here many success stories but also failures have their origin. With / Because of a holistic approach of a sales unit we achieve sustainable sales increases. For this purpose our sales development programs comprise five consecutive modules laying the basis for sales' success.


Sustainable Success in Sales




Initially we work out the approach's general logic with upper management combined with the question if there are alternatives on a strategic level which should be focused in the future.

Integrated Quality Monitoring

In the next step we holistically analyze all sales units. Thus we obtain insights about the performance capability and willingness. Thereby the financial situation, the market potential, customer retention as well as sales competence and leadership behaviour are visualized. On this basis the tipping point, the decisive starting point for performance improvement, is worked out and an appropriate action plan is established.


Many organizations and companies do not understand to be implemented innovations and changes as change processes and save themselves the "luxury" of a consequent change management. This decision causes enormous annual costs due to the resistence of all relevant people, miscalculations, shortage of ressources, disregarded timelines.

Therefore, in this phase, we accompany the performance development process on-site of each branch office intensely and with the objective of the highest possible responsibility and competency within the organization unit.



Leadership Development

Within leadership development we enable the managers of sales units to independently push forward the process on-site. Additionally they work on their personality's interdependency with their unit's success. Furthermore they receive tools for executing their double role as head of sales and manager.

Sales Development

In the fifth part of our sales development program the salespersons (zusammen geschrieben) work on the improvement of their sales performance.  They receive detailed feedback about their personality's effect  on their performance as a salesperson. A 360° feedback completes these insights with an outside perspective of the sales performance and behaviour and therewith generates valuable action approaches. In additon internal and external trainers teach the necessary sales competencies and also the right mentality and motivation for increasing sales.

Good Reasons for Wildenmann

  1. We identified leadership as the decisive factor of success in sales. Logically we link leadership with sales performance and thus develop the performance of the organization unit.
  2. Due to our multiply proven and valid on-site screening, we filter sales data which are relevant for the development of sales and sales quality with high accuracy.

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Correct guidance at all levels is one of the essential guarantors for success.                            
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In practically based modules we work out the participants' personal strengths, developing areas and influence on specific sales situations. Thus we strongly increase sales and acquisition performance with individualized approaches

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Wildenmann Tools & Services was one of the first providers of 360° feedback in Germany. And we still feel our commitment to this aspiration – to being a trailblazer in innovative survey systems – to this day

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In our consulting projects we improve the performance of organizations respectively their employees. Our portfolio comprises the definiton and integration of visions and objectives, strategic improvement of performance, programs for sales development as well as a choice of individual coachings and comprehensive development programs for companies and business units.

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The focus of this business area is on the company's respectively the business unit's comprehensive target-oriented performance improvement. Due to the emplyees' involvement we develop commitment, cooperative behavior and intrapreneurship.

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Initial point of the development processes accompanied by the Wildenmann Group is the diagnosis of the changeable factors. From its results we derive the so-called tipping point to be our central starting point for the implementation of an individual development process. Building up on it, we involve business units such as quality management, organizational development, leadership and performance development in order to create a comprehensive demand-driven process.

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For a successful development the Wildenmann Group considers the sales unit with a holistic approach. With programs consisting of five modules we ensure a sustainable sales increase.

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We accompany executives in challenging situations. In most coaching matters a few but decisive factors a responsible for success or failure. They are the ones we concentrate on.

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