If every company of an industrial sector offers comparably good products and services, a visionary future perspective makes up the decisive difference between "Top" and "Stuck in the middle".


For Growth and Identity



Corporate Philosophy and Vision

The corporate philosophy exists of various elements.

The first one is the description of the aspirating new being. It needs to be attractive and emotional.

The next element is the mission as the message of the vision's meaningfulness.

The stategy is the way to achieve this "new world".

Finally the question asking for the necessary value system and the corresponding leadership style has to be answered.

An attractive vision enables a differentiation, a contrasting from the competitors. It can give the employees a feeling of uniqueness and identity, it can set free unforeseen potentials. Thereby ithe following has to be considered: In order to realize a vision in business context, executives and employees  often have to change their behavior. Because a vision is only then relevant to the company's success when the employees' mentality and motivation match the challenges.


[Translate to Englisch:] Die Entwicklung von Zielbildern kann in vier Punkte gegliedert werden:

1. Erhebung von latenten Kundenbedürfnissen, Trends und Differenzierungsmöglichkeiten.

2. Erarbeitung eines Zielbildes, einer Vision und Mission.

3. Präzisierung des Zielbildes durch die Beschreibung der Merkmale.

4. Umsetzung des Zielbildes in verschiedenen Dimensionen.

Good Reasons for Wildenmann

  1. With the utmost care we work on a creative development of a vision. We rather strive for a paradigm shift than for a simple brushing up of existing efforts.
  2. With the mission the performance portfolio becomes an assignment, a message, a determination.

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Correct guidance at all levels is one of the essential guarantors for success.                            
Therefore Wildenmann Group has offered leadership development programs for executives and sales representatives of groups of companies as well as innovative medium-sized enterprises for many years. We combine relevant theories near the job with an easy applicability.

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With practically based, multi-level programs we professionalize leadership and enable your executives to fulfill their responsibility for the company's success as well as their responsibility for their employees.

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In practically based modules we work out the participants' personal strengths, developing areas and influence on specific sales situations. Thus we strongly increase sales and acquisition performance with individualized approaches

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Wildenmann Tools & Services was one of the first providers of 360° feedback in Germany. And we still feel our commitment to this aspiration – to being a trailblazer in innovative survey systems – to this day

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In our consulting projects we improve the performance of organizations respectively their employees. Our portfolio comprises the definiton and integration of visions and objectives, strategic improvement of performance, programs for sales development as well as a choice of individual coachings and comprehensive development programs for companies and business units.

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Together with you we develop powerful, identity-generating visions for your organization of the future. We aim on creating edged, attractive and realizable objectives instead of producing abstract illusions.

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The focus of this business area is on the company's respectively the business unit's comprehensive target-oriented performance improvement. Due to the emplyees' involvement we develop commitment, cooperative behavior and intrapreneurship.

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Initial point of the development processes accompanied by the Wildenmann Group is the diagnosis of the changeable factors. From its results we derive the so-called tipping point to be our central starting point for the implementation of an individual development process. Building up on it, we involve business units such as quality management, organizational development, leadership and performance development in order to create a comprehensive demand-driven process.

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For a successful development the Wildenmann Group considers the sales unit with a holistic approach. With programs consisting of five modules we ensure a sustainable sales increase.

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We accompany executives in challenging situations. In most coaching matters a few but decisive factors a responsible for success or failure. They are the ones we concentrate on.

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The analysis of existent management potential is the basis for important staffing decisions. By means of specific factors we assess the capability of managers and predict future behaviour. The Wildenmann Model is oriented on different rating and potential factors.

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