The analysis of existing management potential is the basis for important staffing decisions. By means of specific factors we assess the capability of managers and prognosticate their future behaviour The Wildenmann Model therefore is oriented on different measurement and potential factors.


Assessing Potential Capability



Possible and Realized Potential

The assessment of the potential is the prediction of a maximal possible capability in one discipline. In the leadership context we speak about management potential assessed by means of specific criterias.

Potential always needs to be assessed based on tasks. There is not "the one potential". However potential is mostly seen as genetically determined according to latest researches. In consequence this means that each person has a determined volume of potential for a specific task that cannot be influenced. The level of realization, of  utilisation of the existent potential yet can be influenced by means of aquiring experience and competencies. It can be assumed that the realization of potential increases with age and with a beneficial environment.

Potential that is currently realized is called "acute realised potential" and the total capability is called "maximum possible potential".

So to say competencies are realized potential. There are highly potential-oriented competencies and derivative competencies which are not necessarily linked to potential but they  support success.

Decisive for the potential's analysis are four factors:

1. Handling Complexity

2. Motivation from the Unsolved

3. Impulse to Influence Social Systems

4. Skill to Learn from Experience

Handling Complexity

Complexity is a function of a number of variables influencing a situation. The higher a person's ability of handling complexity, the higher the number of variables this person can integrate, structure and evaluate. A person's ability of handling complexity states how well complex decisions can be coped with. The situation's complexity increases linearly and exponentially in companies with  hierarchical levels.

Motivation from the Unsolved

A person with a distinct motivation from the unsolved has the inner impulse to immediately address unsolved situations. The person draws energy from the unsolved and the new and is characterized of wanting more and of being seldomly satisfied by a (long-term) status quo.

Impulse to Influence Social Systems

A person with a strong impulse of influencing others will immediately seize the initiative and try to structure a situation in lots of social situations. This impulse is genetically fixed and is cultivated by the different situations a person experiences. Of course this factor can also be developed in a negative way.

Skill to Learn from Experience

To learn from own experience and to implement this the next time is a central potential factor. People who have this highly distinct factor always look for new challenges and face them. They are capable to develop new strategies of action. They learn from their experiences, modify themselves as a result and develop self-esteem, relationship building abilities, natural authority and effect.

Good Reasons for Wildenmann

  1. Our model is based on validated criterias resulting from relevant and own research and allows a prognosis.
  2. We operationalized all potential factors in measurable factors and are able to reliably observe them during our simulations throughout the whole spectrum of management context.
  3. Depending on market we ensure our prognoses with cross-checks to analyze personality, intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence.

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The analysis of existent management potential is the basis for important staffing decisions. By means of specific factors we assess the capability of managers and predict future behaviour. The Wildenmann Model is oriented on different rating and potential factors.

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