Correct guidance at all hierarchical levels is one of the essential guarantors for success.

But what is "correct" guidance?


Development programs for executives



For many years we have answered this question  in our development programs for executives of multinational companies and innovative medium-sized enterprises. Our success is based on the approach of linking relevant theories to maximum individual relevance.

Our objective is to make companies more successful by professionalizing their leadership. Therefore we train the skills of participating managers to fulfill both their key responsibilities: responsibility towards the company's success and towards every single employee.  Our focus on both aspects is based on the awareness that good leadership nearly always is the cause for good corporate results. With the contents of Leadership Campus, its complete didactic structure and all accompanying measures we aim on that.

All development programs are centered by classroom-seminars lasting 1 or 2 days. Besides placing relevant contents we focus on interchange and practical exercises. Thus participants immediately can link theoretical knowledge and their specific leadership situation. Participants work out and discuss solutions and approaches during the training with Wildenmann Group.

Therefore we edited about 30 modules / topics as the centerpiece of the development program. Every year new topics / modules are added, old ones get exchanged or modified. Besides all general spheres of competence in leadership the following questions are focussed on:

  • Which significance has intuition when deciding under uncertainty?
  • How can executives increase their influence and a greater personal effect?

To accompany this there are five pillars which assure sustainable transfer of the acquired knowledge into daily leadership routine.



Transfer Tools

Creating a personal leadership case, analysis of one's transfer capability, working on a strategic project, on-site-dialogues, performance screening system

Our transfer tools enable participants to even deal with the contents of  their advanced training in daily working routine.

The so-called Leadership Masterpiece pushes an essential advancement of one own's unit with the help of the seminar's contents during the development program.

We developed a new psychological inventory to increase the participants' transfer competency. It edges the perception on the essential factor: the individual transfer and learning competency.

On-site dialogues with the participants' superior, learn groups or cooperative counseling support the contemporary implementation of theoretical contents in daily routine.

All contents and accompanying measures are being adapted to your individual needs. So a development program is created  which in the end conveys generally valid and applicable leadership guide lines and competences on the one hand but simultaneously indicates your organization's  as well as your executives' individual situation.


Situational leadership, eloquent communication, hints for better leadership

With our blended-learning approach we minimize  executives' out-of-office times caused by our trainings. In addition it makes learning more fexible and ensures sustainable transfer into daily leadership routine. Therefore we developed an E-learning section placing analysis and contents via several apps, web-based trainings and webinars in a decentralized way. As a result participants can integrate learning phases in their specific daily routine.
They even engage themselves with their advanced training between periods of being present.


Reflector Big Five Personality, Golden Profiler of Personality, MotiveStructure-Analysis, 360° Feedback Leadership Circle, Team Questionnaire

An essential requirement for executives is the capability to learn from experience. Therefore we attach high importance to occasions which cause reflexion.As feedback tools we apply personality inventories, 360° feedbacks as well as psycometric tests, e.g.  emotional intelligence tests, and enable our participants to compare self-perception and how others see them in different dimensions. Besides individual focus we also analyze organizational units concerning their ability to change, their performance or their culture.
Our in-house development division includes the advantage of generating and adapting processes individually as well as ensuring intensive feedback.

Team Development

Carrying out a team development process in one's own working area.

Developing performance compulsorarily includes the focus on the suppliers - the team. Therefore our module "Team Development" implies the task to initialize an attendant team development process. Further we developed modules and dramaturgies enabling particiapants to increase their unit's performance with the help of team development measures. They are competent to act indepently, tailored to suit market needs and with appropriate additional expenses.

Good Reasons for Wildenmann

  1. High transfer orientation ensures the implementation of the acquired knowledge into the daily business routine. Focussing on personality fosters a sustainable development  of our participants.
  2. The intensive application of feedback effects a high transparency with regard to the individual areas of development.
  3. Contents and program designs are approved multiply, structured clearly and their complexity is reduced on relevant points.
  4. Experienced consultants also support your executives outside classroom with help and advice when being confronted with challenging situations.
  5. With the leadership case your executives put decisive and measurable improvements right from our programs into practice.

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Correct guidance at all levels is one of the essential guarantors for success.                            
Therefore Wildenmann Group has offered leadership development programs for executives and sales representatives of groups of companies as well as innovative medium-sized enterprises for many years. We combine relevant theories near the job with an easy applicability.

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